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About Tayla Andre

Tayla Andre exemplifies the true meaning of "working for the people". Her extensive background involves a platform that not only is of influence to a large masses of people but to her community in which she is passionate about. While a ‘Jill’ of many trades, her eagerness to learn and educate others, affinity for activism and urgency to unify communities coupled with her background as a community outreach volunteer, mentor, counselor, social media connoisseur and marketer have all prompted her pursuit of a career in real estate. Tayla holds a B.A. in Political Science from Pine Manor College which speaks to her passion for unearthing the processes, principles, and structure of government and political institutions
and its policies. Tayla's ability to be visible and transparent via radio, philanthropy, public service and now real estate is inextricably tied to her dedication in assisting those who will be making some of the largest transactions of their lives. Tayla's keen ability to meet people where they are, whether intellectually or socially makes her extremely personable and admirable among her clients.
Furthermore, her efficiency, attention to detail and unwavering loyalty speaks volumes to her credibility and level of professionalism as a realtor. Tayla has gained the confidence of many by being known as "Tayla makes real estate easy", understanding the many complexities that come with real estate transactions, in her short tenure in real estate-- Tayla has worked every aspect of the industry representing sellers, buyers, investors, and mortgage lenders in both the residential and commercial market. Tayla has a proven track record of giving her clients peace of mind while getting the job done!

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